Project Team Meeting May 2009

May 21, 2009

Janet Davidson prepared the minutes of the first project team meeting . . .

Initial Project Team Meeting: JISC WLBR Project

Minutes of the meeting held on 20th May 2009 at 3 p.m.

Present: Andrew Rothery (Chair), Viv Bell, Libby Symonds, Adam Newton, Mark Adams, James Mckie, Janet Davidson

1.  Project Manager and additional funding for additional project post.  Review Project Team membership.

Viv Bell has been appointed as Project Manager and will be working two days per week.  The budget will need to be reviewed as additional money will be available to fund extra staff to work on the project.  It is hoped that a part-time Learning technologist will be appointed  from September to March.  One of their roles will be to help tutors to upload their teaching materials to Learning Box prior to the official launch in January 2010.

2.  General arrangements and contacts with JISC.  Opportunities for the team to attend meetings/events.

Our JISC Programme Manager is Amber Thomas. 

Our contacts at Southampton University are Dave Millard, Patrick and Debra. 

We have made contact with Anna Comas-Quinn at the Open University.  Their team will be setting up a subject repository (Languages Open Resources Online) using the Language Box software.

Event:  inf11 & VRE start up meeting for all projects in these programmes 7th-8th July at Leicester University

3.  Views and ideas on the Project Plan

Information to be taken from the Project Proposal to go in the Project Plan

  • Visit from representatives from Southampton University to discuss the customisation of Language Box.  This will include a restricted area in the repository for tutors who do not wish to share their resources.  Tutors will also need to be able to share their resources with nominated groups.  This functionality is not yet available.
  • Software to be installed.
  • Tutors to be selected to start using Learning Box.  Any changes to be made before the launch in January.
  • Final Report to be started in January.
  • Learning Box to be linked to Release.
  • Servers – Andrew to arrange a meeting with Debbi to make sure arrangements are in place.  Various options were put forward by members of the team.

4.  Arranging meetings with Southampton in respect of technical/installation and software design/functionality requirements.

The team from Southampton will be invited to visit us on Tuesday 9th June.  Two meetings will take place.  Technical issues will be discussed in the morning and functionality requirements in the afternoon.

5.  Date and time of the next meeting

Tuesday 9th June.

[Note: after the meeting the date was changed and separate meetings arranged instead.]


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