Educational Repository Exchange Community Start up meeting 1-2nd September 2009, University of Southampton

September 10, 2009


1st September 2009 – Day 1

6:30 Meet for dinner at the Dock o’ the Bay Restaurant (until late)

69, The Avenue,

SO17 1XS

Tel: 023 8033 9901

2nd September 2009 – Day 2

Location: Building 32, Access Grid Room 3073, University of Southampton (Building 32 has a shiny glass front and faces the main road through the University; Room 3073 is on the third floor towards the middle)

9:00 coffee

9:30 How can we capture and exchange the knowledge we build and lessons we learn

10:15 working in small groups – routes to stakeholder engagement

  • what does each stakeholder want to get out of having an educational repository?
  • what might they lose, or fear they might lose?
  • what are their motivations?

11:30 Principles underpinning EdShare and Language Box

  • discussion: reflect, challenge, lessons to take forward

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Educational repository sustainability (ePrints team)

  • support into the future
  • sustainability
  • business models

14:30  Academic and Stakeholder engagement

  • Andrew Rothery, WLBR
  • Anna Comas-Quinn, LORO

15:15  The way forward for the edR exchange community

  • motivations
  • mechanisms ( meetings, communications methods etc)

16:00 Finish


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