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Meeting with partners 19 January 2010

January 20, 2010

Andrew met with Yvonne, Seb and Marcus via Skype to review progress and plans for system development.

The new “preview” system with media player has recently been incorporated. A facility to promote collaboration in which people will be able to edit each other’s resources is to be introduced in the next week or two. The new EdShare version with sustainable software and EPrints packages will be launched in the next week or two and this will replace our system, hosted at Southampton; installation on Worcester servers would then follow later in the Spring. The revised “secret url” and trimmed down access options will be done in the next week. Problems with the “collections” facility might be a bug – Seb and Marcus would investigate this for us.

Worcester will be appointing a Learning Technologist next week (interviews on 26th January) so that the repository will be fully funtional with major features in place ready for the planned work with tutors to build the resource collection.

It was suggested that a further Skype meeting be held in a week’s time.


Revised project schedule

January 19, 2010

Revised project schedule has been approved by JISC Programme Manager, filed on this web site under documents.

Skype Meeting Wed 9th December 2009

January 14, 2010

Andrew, Viv, Seb, Yvonne and Dave met by Skype to dicuss a revised schedule of activities and plan further changes to the look and feel of the repository (see suggested extension document on the documents and publications page)

The most important changes to be made are:

  1. Secret url and access options
  2. Collections to get working
  3. Multiple files to get working

This will ensure that early user trials can begin in Jan 2010